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Materials & Maintenance

Materials & Maintenance

304# stainless steel
The most important elements of 304# stainless steel is Ni/Cr. It contains 8%-11% Ni ,17%-19% Cr . It is a kind of high alloy steel that can resist corroding in the weak medium atmospheric environment. 
But if under the corrosive atmosphere or condition with 
chloridion (such as salt, sweat, seawater, sea wind , soil, 
etc), it will be corroded.
  1. Clean the dust with soft washcloths once a day, and keep dry.
  2. Clean with stainless steel dedicated detergent once a week to keep it glossy and shining.
  3. Avoid being collided by hard objects or it will damage the stainless steel surface.
  4. Do not clean with chemical detergent or acid detergent.
  5. Clean with soap or neutral detergent, and wash with clean water and then dry with clean washcloths.
  6. If there is any acid adsorbate on the surface, wash with water and dry with a clean washcloth immediately.
  7. Use stainless steel wax to clear away the rusty spots.
Teak wood has exquisite and unique texture. Featuring with good resistance to bending and cracking in the sun and rainy weather. It contains gum and with small coefficient of deformation. Also, teak wood has a special aroma, good resistance to insect pest damage the wood. So teak wood always the first choice for outdoor furniture than other timbers.
  1. Teak wood is easily affected by dust in the outdoor. Wipe with a dry cloth once a day to remove dust and keep clean.
  2. For a long time using in the outdoor, the color will be becoming ash grey. Also, the texture will be becoming  deeper. Wipe with white grit sandpaper to polish the surface, it can be restore the original color and keep the surface smooth.
  3. Do not clean with chemical composition detergent or acid liquid detergent.
  4. Avoid pollution from greasy objects and colored liquids. When in pollution, clean with water and dry with a clear    
cloth immediately.
Textilene it is composed by highly strong PET and PVC materials. Textilene shares the following features: strong resistance to water, oil, UV, fire, abrasion and corrosion, high color fastness, small deformation coefficient, easy to clean and recycle. Thus, Texilene is a favorable and widely used synthetic material.
  1. Avoid direct collision from hard objects
  2. Avoid direct contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals
  3. Avoid surface scratch from sharp objects
  4. Clean with dry or slightly wet soft cloth when needed
Tempered glass
Tempered glass is a prestressed glass, which means that glass is improved to have high bearing capacity, strong resistance to wind pressure, impact and heat. Designed to shatter without sharp edges which reduce the harm to people so that it is recognized as safe glass. 
Tempered glass can not bear secondary processing after tempering. It may explode when temperature changes greatly. The surface of tempered glass may be uneven due to the influence of manufacturing technique.
The middle part of the tempered glass is the most solid part, while the corners and edges are the most fragile, especially the middle upper part of the edge. Once the glass breaks, it means that the inner stress distribution of the whole glass is destroyed.
  1. Avoid collision. Handle gently when putting things on the glass.
  2. Avoid scratch. Better to put on a table cloth when using.
  3. Wipe with wet cloth in regular cleaning. When removing stains, use towel with beer or warm vinegar to wipe then dry with clean cloth, or wipe with specific glass cleaner.
  4. Avoid cleaning with strong acidic or alkaline solution.
Cushion is make up of chemical fabric and sponge
  1. When it rains, place the cushion vertically to more effectively discharge the water.
  2. If the cushion can be used on both sides interchangeably,turn over it once a week to allow force to distribute evenly.
  3. Always slap the cushion to loosen the internal fiber and maintain its elasticity.
  4. If you find the thread get loose, do not tear it by hands, cut it level with scissor.
  5. If cleaning, for the cushion with detachable fabric cover, please take out the filling before cleaning and rinse the fabric cover separately; For the cuchion with non-detachable fabric cover, please put the whole cushion vertically and rinse it.
  6. Wash with hands in normal temperature.
  7. Under normal circumstance, rinse it with regular water, in case of stubborn stain, use a mild detergent.
  8. In order to avoid the deformation of cushion, please do not wring it. Place it vertically in the dry and ventilated place and dry it in the air.

HPL is a high density of high temperature-cured plate.
HPL shares the following features: impact-resistance, moisture-proof, UV-resistant, easy cleaning, environmental and recyclable.
  1. Avoid friction and collision
  2. Avoid scratch. Better to put on a table cloth when using.
  3. Wipe with wet cloth in regular cleaning. 
  4. Avoid cleaning with strong acidic or alkaline solution.

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